DMuDB for non-diagnostic purposes

Use of DMuDB data for any purpose other than diagnosis, even if it is related to healthcare (e.g. research, service set-up, management or audit of services), is not permitted. However, individuals may contact data submitters directly or the DMuDB curators to request permission to use data for a specific purpose.
Individual variant queries can be submitted to the DMuDB curators – we will be able to tell you if the variant is present in the database, and will contact submitting laboratories with your query so that they can respond with information if it is appropriate.
Access to sets of data for a specific purpose can be arranged. If permission is granted for the requested use, the data requested must be approved by the data submitter before being released for use by the requester. The data requester must not extract the requested data themselves and bypass this approval/release process. Curators and/or data submitters may impose separate terms and conditions on the use of the data, e.g. covering intellectual property rights, and may require a formal agreement to be in place before data are released.
All queries and requests should be sent to the DMuDB curators at