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The National Genetics Reference Laboratories (NGRLs) in Manchester & Wessex were established in 2002 by the UK Department of Health to support NHS diagnostic genetic services. Our remits included development, assessment and validation of new technologies; informatics, bioinformatic services and tools; quality management systems; development of reference and control reagents.

From April 2012 the NGRLs have been independently funded but continue to focus on research, development and support for NHS genetic laboratory services. Further details are given below and on the websites for NGRL Manchester & NGRL Wessex.

NGRL Manchester website
NGRL Wessex website


NGRL Manchester works in the field of bioinformatics and health informatics, at the interface of genetic and genomic healthcare and research, to support the translation of new technology and data into improved healthcare.

Projects include DMuDB, a database of clinical quality genetic variants; SNPCheck, an online primer checking tool to identify underlying SNPs; analysis of bioinformatic tools, including missense mutation prediction tools; and provision of bioinformatics training for clinical scientists.


Mr Andrew Devereau
NGRL Manchester
Genetic Medicine, 6th Floor
St Mary's Hospital, Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL

Phone: 0161 276 8703
Fax: 0161 276 6606


NGRL Wessex focuses on the development, validation and quality assurance of genetic testing for both constitutional and acquired abnormalities. Our remit encompasses cytogenetic, molecular cytogenetic and molecular genetic analysis.

We are currently working on a number of areas relevant to NHS genetic diagnostics, including National Institute for Health Research funded projects into non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (RAPID) and prenatal diagnosis using array technologies (EACH); development of next generation sequencing tests for stratified medicine in cancer (Technology Strategy Board) and standardisation of molecular testing for leukaemia (EUTOS).


Prof Nick Cross
NGRL Wessex
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Salisbury SP2 8BJ

Phone: 01722 429080
Fax: 01722 331531

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